“If it doubles, SELL IT.”

Yep, that is a key part of our process. And it’s been set in stone from the day we started doing this.

Potential growth and profitability.

Every day, we look for opportunities to achieve our fund’s singular goal—LONG-TERM CAPITAL APPRECIATION. We scour ALL equities, basically looking for companies that show true growth potential. To make our cut, a company must meet nine specific criteria, the primary of which are – 25% quarterly year-over-year earnings growth; and 20% quarterly year-over-year revenue growth. It’s fairly stringent criteria. In fact, we end up buying almost every stock that meets it. And just like it says up top, as soon as a stock has doubled in value, our rule is to sell it. Even if it looks like it could continue to grow.

That’s because we believe most managers lack the appropriate selling discipline needed for successful investing. They all know what and when to buy, but rarely when to let it go.

We never know what we’re going to buy.

Most traditional investors know exactly what they want to invest in and look for stocks trading at fair value which shows promise of growing. We have a different approach. We look for stocks that are trading at about HALF of what we think they’re worth, and are showing strong signs of growth. We dig DEEP into balance sheets to find hidden company details that most investors never see. We don’t look for specific companies or industries. We don’t “pick” stocks, they pick us.

We play favorites.

Once a stock has made it into the fund, we then assign it to one of three “slots” – Good, Better or Best. Our investment in each stock is then weighted for either 2% of the fund total (BEST) 1% fund (BETTER) or .5% (GOOD).

Weighted InvestmentTotal # of StocksTotal % of AUERX Fund

Approximate numbers. Fund holds approx. 100 stocks at any given time. 

That’s our process, and we’re sticking to it.

True diversification.

We’re a true “go anywhere fund.” Which means, at any given time, the fund could hold stocks in every size category – from Giant all the way down to Micro. We look for hidden gems among the micro-caps, and other opportunities for growth in small companies that you most likely never have heard of. That is true diversification.

If you want a “traditional investment strategy” we are probably not right for you.

If you want a fund that overlaps investments with all the other big funds, we’re probably not right for you.

But if you want a fund built around a highly disciplined screening process that actively seeks equities and opportunities with the potential to double in growth, we could be a good fit.

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